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After graduating from university, JP Pacquing moved to Tokyo in 1998. With a desire to visually document his life in Japan, he found his passion for photography. Soon after returning to New York, in 2002  JP enrolled into the International Center of Photography's General Studies In Photography program.


He worked as an assistant to photo editors at Corbis Images. Then he consulted architectural photographers from Esto Photographics. JP volunteered at a photo gallery named Fovea Exhibitions / Beacon NY from 2008 to 2014. After many group shows, he had a solo exhibition in 2019 entitled "on the 1s and 2s" at Catalyst Gallery / Beacon NY.


JP Pacquing has experience shooting Nature, Event, and Fashion Photography. He currently resides in New York's Mid Hudson Valley Region.

Instagram @jpacquing_photography

"JP is a talented photographer with a keen eye for detail and composition. He's got a knack for capturing a feeling, leaving the viewer captivated by his work. I highly recommend working with him." - Zoe Wilder



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